General Property Appraiser Forms

Sale & Income Forms

Some of the PDF forms provided on this page require Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free. Additionally, some internet browsers do not support "form fillable" PDFs. Downloading the form to your computer and using the Adobe Reader program, rather than your internet browser, will allow you to digitally input and save your information in the form.

Data Acquisition

Current and Historical tax roll data is available through the Department of Revenue's website.

Please contact our office for more information regarding digital maps.

If you would like to have digital data shipped to you, a postage fee should be included in your payment based on the postage costs listed on this page OR you may provide a carrier name and account number (i.e. FedEx or UPS). Please include your contact information and address with your request. There is a maximum of 4 items per envelope.

Postage Costs

Postage (Standard UPS) Cost
1 CD $1.50
2 CDs $1.75
3 CDs $2.00
4 CDs $2.25